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Campus Highlights

With its mix of traditional and contemporary architecture, sprawling greens, and historic sculptures, Syracuse’s campus is more than just a place to live. It’s the backdrop for the stories you’ll tell over and over. It’s where you’ll make lifelong friends and life-changing decisions.

At Syracuse University, four seasons provide an ever-changing stage for year-round festivals, expos and installations, and athletic events that unite the student body in an unstoppable wave of orange. Our campus is big enough to lose yourself in your interests, but small enough that you'll soon feel at home.

Here you’ll learn a little more about some of our favorite places on campus, but planning a visit is the best way to get a feel for a place that will soon feel like home.

Students walking in the Schine Center

Student Centers

The Schine and Goldstein student centers are the go-to places for student activities. The Schine Center is the hub for student life on North Campus, while Goldstein serves the South Campus community. Both locations feature accommodating spaces, services and offerings where students can relax, study, meet and enjoy a variety of dining options.

Interior of Syracuse University JMA Wireless Dome during a basketball game.

JMA Wireless Dome

Raising your voice can also lift your spirits—especially at the JMA Wireless Dome. Fueled by 20 NCAA Division 1 men's and women's athletic teams, we possess an undeniable spirit. The JMA Dome is home to the Syracuse Orange football, basketball and lacrosse teams. It has also played host to some of the most memorable concerts, championships, and events in the region. In fact, more than eighteen million people have passed through its doors since the building’s first event.

Hendricks Chapel on the Syracuse University quad.

Hendricks Chapel

As the heart of Syracuse University, Hendricks Chapel leads in service to our common good as a student-centered global home for religious, spiritual, moral and ethical life.

A dance showcase where students perform a vibrant musical number.

Performing Arts

Whether you're a performer or a fan, there are plenty of chances to enjoy music, theater, comedy, and dance on campus year-round.

Museums and Galleries

The Coalitions of Museum and Art Centers (CMAC) at Syracuse University showcases the University community’s talents by exploring the visual and electronic arts through exhibitions, publications, public presentations, education and scholarship.

Campus Store

The University's campus store is a primary resource for textbooks, course materials, general interest books, art and office supplies, and even a custom framing shop. But it's also home to a full Apple retailer (and plenty of PC resources), small grocery store a late-night market and grocery store, coffee bar, and plenty of apparel; all the essentials to make living here a little more like home.

Connective Corridor

The Connective Corridor is a civic engagement initiative led by Syracuse University, working with the City of Syracuse and Onondaga County. The Corridor creates a connection between the City and University, making it easier and more feasible for students to access many great downtown activities.

Student-Run Media

At Syracuse University, student-run media is more than just an opportunity for budding journalists to hone their craft. No one knows the ins and outs of the university like students, so no one is better positioned to share what’s happening, what’s now, and what’s next.