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Syracuse University is more than a cornerstone of the Central New York community. With campuses and centers across the nation and the world, we seek, nurture, and maintain partnerships that provide real-world opportunities and benefits for students, faculty, businesses, organizations, and communities.

As an interdisciplinary hub of innovation, Syracuse’s corporate and community partners rely on the University to provide continuing education, research, intellectual and facilities-related resources, and thought leadership. In return, faculty and students value the internships, co-op programs, and other practical experiences that accompany our many alliances.

City and Community

Syracuse University’s partnerships with the city and surrounding communities provide a vital two-way street that benefits students and local citizens. 

Government and Community Relations

The Office of Government and Community Relations is the University’s designated point of contact for federal, state, and local lobbying.

Corporate and Foundation Relations

Syracuse University has a long history of successful partnerships with corporations and nonprofit organizations, building bridges that advance innovation, support student success, and drive social and economic impact in a changing society.